Monday, July 21, 2014

Another Day Faceless...

We desperately need faces.... PLEASE COME GET YOUR PICTURE TAKEN!!!

In other news, Alex and I have gotten our abstract pretty much figured out. Suggestions and comments would be really appreciated!

Today I looked up a ton of articles that were written by Dr. Nakayama and other psychologists. If anyone wants to check one out click NAKAYAMA! They are very interesting and not nearly as confusing as the astronomy articles Alex and I read, and they will hopefully prepare us for our interview with him.... which is tomorrow. We brainstormed questions to ask him and really think this is going to be a fantastic advancement in our research, especially seeing how he wrote in his Harvard-professor-bio-page-thing: "I have become interested in the perception and recognition of faces... In the future, I hope that the study of faces will help us understand social perception and cognition, illuminating how we represent other humans at a non-verbal level." Perfect man for us...? I THINK SO. 

Wish us luck!!

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