Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Today was the day! Alex and I talked to Dr. Nakayama about our project, and it went well. It was extremely nerve racking though... to the point I was happy he could understand me through all of my stammering. He gave us many ideas on how to improve our project and get the most reliable data, and he also suggested that we retake our pictures. We are going to do this whole process over starting at 9:30 AM this Thursday. Hopefully we will have a good turn out. I emailed all of the CIS inters, staff, and REU students telling them to come on down, and offering free candy as incentive... I hope it works!
Back to Dr. Nakayama- during our talk he kept stressing how new of territory we are stepping into and that facial recognition has so many aspects yet to be discovered. And I, being the dreamer that I am, am hoping for an amazing discovery.
Along with Dr. Nakayama, Dr. Herbert also agreed to meet us and look at our project. This meeting will take place tomorrow at 11... I hope we impress him!

Wish us luck....

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