Friday, July 18, 2014

On A Roll...

I keep forgetting to blog! This one will be long though, there is a lot to catch up on...

First off, Alex and I are really cracking down on our project. WE GOT SO MUCH DONE TODAY! I finished one of many power points and sent out a ton of emails. One specific email was to Dr. Andy Herbert in the psychology department. Jeff suggested we talk to him, and ask him to be our adviser. I hope he says yes!! He has looked at things like prosopagnosia (face blindness) and hopefully our efforts and research will spark his interest.
On another note, Alex wrote to a man named Oliver Sacks- a big time psychologist with prosopagnosia- and got a response from his assistant! He said he was going to forward it to Dr. Nakayama who is another big time psychologist and works at Harvard.... Dr. Nakayama wrote back and said he wanted to Skype with us and help answer some questions about our research! With all of these new connections forming, our project is becoming legitimate.

The Project: TOP SECRET. I'm not going to lie, some parts of it I honestly do not want to put out into the public for fear that if the reader is a test subject, they will over think the test and we will not get reliable data... I know I did when I took Lizzy and Jackie's test.
I am beginning to realize how many tests we are going to have to make in order to accomplish our goal. Facial recognition has SOOOO many aspects to it that we need to test for a lot. At the moment, Alex and I are set on about 4 different tests that will look for different things. Don't worry though, if you are a subject we are not about to make you take them all in one day. One thing that I can tell you about is one of the simpler test. In this test we are going to investigate for what aspects of the face are most used in the recognition process. Alex and I worked on Photoshop, isolating a LOT of different faces, and made it so that each face could have a black bar going across the eyes, the nose, and also the mouth. The idea is to see if the subject can identify face when it does not have those key characteristics. This is probably going to be the first test we administer.


Emma Pratt

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